Concrete Embedments

Atlanta Rod manufactures custom concrete embedments. We produce studded pipe, embed plates of all shapes and sizes, embedded angles and channels, and do miscellaneous steel fabrication for sump screens, diamond plate, and more.

Our in-house CAD drafting team can detail concrete embeds for engineering approval on your construction project. Depending on the specification, we can provide material in a plain (non-coated state), hot-dipped galvanized, zinc plated, or any other special plating your project might require.

Domestic certifications of melt and manufacture and material test reports can be provided with all products upon request.


Atlanta Rod manufactures special plate washers in any size from 1/4″ to 6″ thick. We also manufacture base plates, rings and cages in-house. Plate washers up to 1″ thick are sheared and punched while thicker plates are burned in house. Plate washer fabrication and assembly with your bolts can be done upon request.

Tie Rods

Our Tie Rods are typically used in Marine construction but with our die press can be manufactured to spec for any job you have. We can produce anything length required and can use a number of different materials for whatever the project may call for.

Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts from Atlanta Rod are 100% USA manufactured. You can use the custom fabricated fasteners to get funds based on the Build America Buy America act.  We also produce typical standard sizes that can purchased in bulk. Any size for any project Atlanta Rod is the premier manufacturer for any stainless steel nuts and bolts!

Related Hardware

At Atlanta Rod we manufacture a large variety of additional parts for whatever your project calls for including clevises and pins, turnbuckles, and couplings. Any metal parts that are related to the hardware we manufacture can be produced right here in house for any job and shipped immediately.