718 Inconel Fasteners

718 Hex Nut Pics 8.7.13 (4)

Do you need 718 Inconel Fasteners with specific requirements? Does your project require full tracability on all materials? No problem! Atlanta Rod recently had the opportunity to provide a large pipeline construction project with 718 Inconel bolts, 718 Inconel nuts, and 718 Inconel studs. The large scale construction project required heat numbers on all material to be stamped onto all fasteners. This was an ideal job for Atlanta Rod, because our in house nut forging capabilities allowed for us to manufacture the nuts and studs right here at our plant in Lavonia, GA. If you’re looking for 718 Fasteners for your project, just let us know. We are always glad to assist. Need them super-fast? Piece of cake. Need them exported? Done and Done. We can set up and make your 718 Inconel bolt and nut in imperial or metric sizes at any time day or night to facilitate your project. Here’s a picture above of some 1 5/8-8 718 Inconel Heavy Hex Nuts that we recent produced for export. Thanks and we look foward to hearing from you real soon!