904L Stainless Steel

Atlanta Rod has always done large amounts of work with stainless steel materials.  Recently, we had the opportunity to manufacture 904L nuts and bolts for a customer who was having a difficult time finding a supplier that could manufacture the size and amount of these nuts and bolts in the time that he needed them.

904L is a high alloy stainless steel that combines molybdenum and copper with iron for resistance to corrosion, particularly in sulfuric and phosphoric conditions.  It stands up extremely well to chlorides in the environment for crevice corrosion, as well as stress corrosion cracking.  Some common applications for 904L is oil refining and environmental equipment, seawater cooling equipment, pulp and paper operations,  and the chemical processing industries.

               Here at Atlanta Rod, we can process this steel for your specific applications in house and service you on your own timeline.  Feel free to contact us at anytime for any questions or inquiries at 800-633-6794 or email us  at sales@atlrod.com.

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