A320 Bolt and Nuts

Atlanta Rod & Mfg. Co. Inc.  prides itself on being able to manufacture the fasteners that your projects require in any size,  using any grade, and on your time schedule. We recently had the opportunity to manufacture M75 -6.0 x 450 A320 L7 All Thread Studs with A194 Grade 7 M75 Heavy Hex Nuts and Jam Nuts. Our customer was having trouble finding anyone to make what the project required. Immediately after receiving the order, Atlanta Rod sprang into action. Our in house tool and die makers turned the M75 Heavy Hex and jam nut dies by hand, and heat treated them in house to ensure the fastest lead time. While the studs were being threaded, our forging department precision forged each of the M75-6.0 A194 Grade 7 Nuts. Each nut weighed over 10 lbs. The order was then QC checked, tested, and sent out for Xylan Blue coating. Within four weeks the order was completed, assembled, and packaged for export so that it could be installed into service. Please see pictures below.

FullSizeRender (2) M758 M755 M754