Alloy 20

Atlanta Rod manufactures Alloy 20 hex boltsnuts, and studs to your custom specifications, and we guarantee to meet your delivery schedule.

Alloy 20 is an iron-base, austenitic alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to a number of different media and proves to be useful in a number of applications such as flue-gas desulfurization, chemical processing, food processing and storage as well as pharmaceutical applications to name a few. Application of the alloy could result in real cost savings when carefully compared to higher-cost alloys to determine if the necessary resistance is obtained in the chosen media. Applications are limited to a maximum temperature of 1000°F per ASME.

Alloy 20 was designed specifically to withstand sulfuric acid. Its nickel, chromium, molybdenum and copper levels all provide excellent general corrosion resistance. Restricted carbon plus columbium stabilization permits welded fabrications to be used in corrosive environments, normally without post-weld heat treatment. At 33% nickel, Alloy 20 has practical immunity to chloride stress corrosion cracking. This alloy is often chosen to solve SCC problems, which may occur with 316L stainless.

Applications that commonly use Alloy 20:



F Ni Cr Mo Cu Cb + Ta Mn Si P S C
Balance 32% to 38.00% 19% to 21.00% 2% to 3.00% 3% to 4.00% (8 x C%) to 1.00% 2% to Maximum 1% to Maximum 0.045% to Maximum 0.035% to Maximum 0.07% to Maximum



Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Hardness MAX
80 ksi 35ksi 30% 217