Brunswick County Power Station – Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts – Brunswick Power Station

Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing was privileged to supply galvanized F1554 Anchor Bolts, A563 Hex Nuts, F436 Flat Washers as well galvanized embedments to the Brunswick County Power Station a 1,358-megawatt, natural gas fueled power station near Lawrenceville in Brunswick County, Virginia. The combined cycle, natural gas-fired power station will serve growing customer demand and replace electricity from aging coal-fired power stations being retired for economic and environmental reasons.

The project cost $1.3 billion and includes a 13.5-mile long 500kv transmission line to connect the station to an existing line.

Development and construction employed about 380 workers annually and yielded about $824 million in economic benefits for the state.

The completed station employs 43 people, full-time and pays about $4 million a year in local property taxes.

In the first full year of operation the station expects fuel savings of about $96 million. Fuel savings will continue over time.

An additional $1 billion in customer savings is expected over the life of the station, compared with the next-best option for supplying power.

The station will produce enough electricity to power about 335,000 homes at peak demand.

anchor bolts

anchor bolts