CAD Plated Anchor Bolts

Please give us a call the next time that your project requires CAD  plated anchor bolts. Atlanta Rod & Mfg. Co. Inc.  has been making anchor bolts from our 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Georgia since 1981. We manufacture anchor bolts in massive quantities  in F1554-36, F1554-55, and F1554-105. If you need CAD plated anchor bolts, we can accommodate. We recently manufactured the domestic F1554-55  1 3/4″ diameter anchor bolt below all cadmium plated yellow per ASTM B766 Type 2 Class 12. We look forward to helping on your next project soon!

CAD Anchor Bolts 3.7 (1) CAD Anchor Bolts 3.7 (2) CAD Anchor Bolts 3.7 (3)