Coated Alloy 20 Stud Bolts and Forged Nuts

Atlanta Rod & Mfg. Co. Inc.  has been making your specialty and construction fasteners with specialized coatings since 1981, from our manufacturing plant located in Lavonia, Georgia. Our unique capacity to precision forge exotic alloys in house,  make us an ideal choice for refinery work requiring nickel fasteners with Xylan coatings. Many of the stud bolts, headed bolts, and forged nuts we manufacture for the oil & gas industry require Xylan coating. We frequently supply these to refineries all over the world. Our bolts and nuts all offer full traceability at no charge. Because we’re a job shop, keeping full traceability is no problem for us. Our fasteners are all special made for job specific applications. We don’t stock or sell import fasteners, so we can continue to focus on what we’re passionate about doing, making construction and specialty fasteners and shipping them to your job! We recently made the stud bolts and forged nuts below. These are  1 1/4-8 x 12″ B473 Bolts with B473 (UNS N08020) Forged Heavy Hex Nuts. All painted Xylan blue to customer specifications. Please contact us soon for assistance on your next project requiring specialty and construction fasteners with coatings. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Alloy 20 Coated Fasteners 9.29.14 (2) Alloy 20 Coated Fasteners 9.29.14 (1) Alloy 20 Coated Fasteners 9.29.14 (3)