Lag Bolts

Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing has you covered. We have been manufacturing custom specialty fasteners from our plant in Georgia since 1981 and Lag Bolts are no exception.

Lag Bolts are commonly used in the Marine Construction and Dot construction industries to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials.

Atlanta Rod can make custom Lag Bolts using Domestic material such as stainless steels, low carbon alloys or any specialty exotic alloy your job requires. Finding these parts in domestic material especially in larger sizes can be very difficult but that’s what we’re here for.

What We Offer

There are two types of points typically used on Lag Bolts, gimlet and cone point. We use cone points as gimlet points are usually only found on small diameters. Atlanta Rod makes Lag Bolts in diameters ranging from 3/8’’ to 2 ½’’ but we don’t normally see quotes for parts larger than 1 ½’’. A cone point Lag Bolt requires a pilot hole to be drilled before being used. The diameters we manufacture usually require too much torque be used without a pilot hole. We can make these parts to custom long lengths and can also add custom thread lengths to the bolts.


Next time you need Domestic Lag Bolts on your project call Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing at 800-633-6794 or email your quote to

Stainless Lag Bolt Pics 2 4 16 (2) (002)
Stainless Lag Bolt Pics 2 4 16 (4) (002)