Swedge Bolts

Swedge Bolts or Swedge Rods are alternative forms of Anchor Bolts most commonly used in the DOT and bridge industries. They are also commonly used when the footing space is limited for an embedment.

A Swedge Bolt is threaded on one side with indentations on the other to enhance the “grip” of the part in concrete. Swedge Bolts are manufactured by adding the  indentations or “dimples” into the round bar by a press or similar machine to the non-threaded side of the part. The indentations are never to be “cut” into the rod as that would decrease the strength of the part. The configurations of the indentations varies from project to project depending typically on the engineers request.

Atlanta Rod manufactures Swedge Bolts in a variety of different materials but most commonly in F1554 Grade 5, F1554 Grade 105, 316 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel. We can provide these parts as fully Domestic material and manufacture with all required paperwork needed.

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