Super Duplex 2507 Bolts and Nuts

The Savannah River Port in Savannah, Georgia is undergoing a massive construction project that will deepen the shipping channel by seven feet, and extend it by seven miles. This is one of the most important  major construction projects that is currently going on in our home state. A deeper shipping channel allows for fewer and larger ships to move the same amount of goods in and out of our country. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers calculates that this project will save our nation $213 million every year in transportation costs.

Atlanta Rod is thrilled to participate in the project. So far we have manufactured over 40,000 lbs of domestic 316 stainless and 2507 Super Duplex bolts and nuts all manufactured in Georgia. We’ve provided full traceability and provided stringent in-house testing to ensure each lot of domestic bolts meets the project requirements. The bolts and nuts are from 5/8″ diameter up to 2″ diameter and all packaged and labeled per job site requirements.

Container ships load and unload at the container berths at the Georgia Ports Authority’s Garden City Terminal. (Georgia Ports Authority/Stephen B. Morton)