660B Bolt and Nuts

Since 1981, we’re here to manufacture your ASTM A453 660B Bolts and Nuts. Please give us a call the next time your project requires 660B Bolts and Nuts. We would love to be of assistance! Earlier this year, Atlanta Rod had the opportunity to manufacture over 700 pieces of    1 1/2-8 x 37″ 660B double end stud bolts with 660B heavy hex nuts in just three weeks! 100 % of the manufacturing was done in our plant in Lavonia, GA. The threads we all rolled, and the nuts precision forged in-house to meet special precise tolerances. The refinery project required that each of these reactor flange studs be uniquely marked with sequential mark numbers. They were also 100% PMI tested and UT tested per customer requirement. Please see pictures below.   IMG_1049 IMG_1055 IMG_1060 IMG_1064 IMG_1045 IMG_1053